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Web Design

For the majority of the consumers you do business with, your website will serve as your business’ first impression. Does your current website provide the image you desire for your company?

Wikimotive offers web design suited for both large and small businesses, as well as micro site creation for auto dealers. Our websites are completely customized and can be designed and redesigned to your specifications, matching a pre-existing website, your company’s product, or even creating a site from scratch.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media is currently the fastest growing method for marketing, especially for directly engaging with potential customers. With engaging content, pictures, and the sharing of the company’s videos and blogs, social media will keep our client’s brand or product in front of consumers who are ready to buy both now and later. Remember, social media is about just that: being social.

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Automotive SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a service in which Wikimotive creates links, pages, articles, and image libraries focused on increasing our clients’ business’s exposure on search engines such as Google. We collaborate with clients to identify their needs and goals, and then utilize a suite of powerful tools to identify the Google search phrases that are most important for their business.

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Blogging Banner


After SEO, Wikimotive considers a blog to be the most important digital marketing step for almost any business. A blog acts as a business’s digital marketing hub, allowing clients to syndicate blog content to their social media pages. We also optimize blog articles to make unique content, an invaluable SEO tool in and of itself.

Wikimotive will design a powerful WordPress blog, using the most up-to-date techniques to optimize a client’s blog to show up in Google. We will create categories and SEO links, as well as insert a custom header image, designed to best represent any client’s brand and/or product.

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Bonus Material

Check out Timothy Martell's bonus material: a comprehensive list of Wikimotive's amazing and informative e-books absolutely free!

We have identified five different segments that provide the most important pieces you need to put in place to complete your jigsaw.


1A successful dealership needs strong basics, so we start out by explaining how you can position your dealership in the best way possible. You need to be seen as the go-to dealer in your area and establish your own expertise in the minds of your target market.


2While technology is opening up huge opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of it, it can be intimidating for people who don’t want to see themselves as geeks—or who don’t have a friendly teenager handy who can advise them.


3Despite the growing dominance of technology and online channels,the most successful businesses also master the traditional forms of communication such as face-to-face selling and telephone techniques. So, in looking at process, we’ve covered what you really…


4No matter how successful you are in all the other aspects, it’s vital to get the operations part of your dealership right if you want to succeed. We’ll talk about topics such as pricing, merchandising and reinsurance. While these topics may seem less…


5Getting your marketing right can help you attract a steady stream of new customers to help you grow your business. But, depending on the approach you choose, you can either spend huge amounts of money for very little return, or you can get steady…